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Kona-chan, I think now is the time for another meeting. When are you free?

And I expect that lunch in the next few days, Ry-chan! A gentleman doesn't keep a lady waiting, and I wait in much antici~pation for the meeting myself.

Oh, and I must not forget the gift I have for my dear Be~koi~chan <3333

We won't be back before it's Christmas day

Kyoko-chan~ Make no plans for Sunday. We have a business trip in our future <3

Sei-chan, Monday might find us in New York. I would love the chance to have lunch with your and your precious friend.

Would you be free for dinner sometime soon? I have some things for us to talk about.

And Shiba-chan, another meeting is in order I believe, just say the word.

Now to enjoy Kyoko-chan's lovely coffee~ well made coffee should always be enjoyed promptly and full heatedly <33 And don't worry Sei-chan, when one feels under the weather there really is nothing to be done but take care of oneself. I'm not heartless like others I have known. Though I will miss all those long hours together in the meantime, you really are a wonderful worker~ <3

Ready to work you steady

So this is Cross! I'll be here to hel  all you lovely students find financial aid, because we would hate money to come in between you and the education you deserve <3 Feel free to call me any time you are in need, just remember the name Hakka-chan~ I will also be your teacher for Into to GLM, I hope to see many of you there.

Ah, and of course I run a loan office for the general public, just come to A-Loan for any of your financial needs we will be happy to help with a smile and our very knowladgeble staff that will make sure we work in your best interest <3 We are located downtown at XXXXXXXXXXX, and our phone number is XXXXXXXXXX

Be~kkou~chan <333 Guess who's in town <3
I brought you a present, and of course you can find some time to spare for a dear~ old~ friend~?


Testing <3